This site is for IT developers seeking advices, tips or simply a few ideas for their applications. Why should you like the contents you’ll find? Well, I can’t claim to be an IT expert (is there anybody who can?) but I’ve got two useful skills:

  • 25 years’ experience  in IT
  • Passion for my profession

Experience gives you the ability to choose the right direction among several alternatives, but you need something else to generate ideas. You need to love what you do in your daily life, to be permanently challenged to find new ways of doing things. You need passion.

So I can’t guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for, but I promise to honestly make my best to populate this site with my magic formula:

Engaging Ideas x Expert Resources = IT Solutions

By the way, the site title has a second meaning. “Eixerit” is a catalan adjective describing someone who is awake, clever, someone who gets things done. I’m convinced agile methodologies have greatly enhanced the way we build software, and my secret for keeping agile is to be surrounded by “eixerit” people. So I’m looking forward to see many eixerit people visiting this site. Do you want to join us?