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A Login template for App Inventor (version 2.0)


  1. Mark says:

    Any chance I could ask you a few questions about migrating to 2.7… I am lost and you seem to have this stuff down to a tee!
    I understand you may be quite busy but any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jason says:

    is the “Login template for App Inventor (version 2.0)” compatible with app inventor 2? and, If so, hot do I import? when I try to import, app inventor 2 asks for aia. but there is NO aia in downloaded folder.

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks…since I can’t import it, can I BUILD it in app inventor 2? Sorry if this sound like a silly question. I’ve been using eclipse. But, I like the concepts app inventor offers. What I mean is; If you understand the logic needed to put together an app, you don’t have write hundreds of lines of java/xml code. it seem like a more efficient use of time.

    • eixerits says:

      Sure you can, but it looks like a hard work. I still hope MIT will release the upgrading tool some day, but if it takes too long maybe I’ll try it myself.
      I agree with your comment about AppInventor. It has some limitations when facing complex projects, but for simple apps it’s definitely an option to take into account.

  4. Natasha says:

    Very good write-up. I absolutely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

  5. Avinash Saindane says:

    Hi Eixerits,

    It is really spectacular work done!! Great help for people like me, who are having li’l bit knowledge of coding and trying to do some hands on app inventor.Today, Login facility is required in almost all apps. I have gone through most of your posts. I am trying to build login functionality(on same line to Modify the service in order to redirect TinyWeDb calls to a fusiontable.) I downloaded main.py from above post and I am stuck with below issues and queries…

    1. “To install it you need to download this main.py and replace the one you have set up for the app. Then you’ll have to modify the SETTINGS section as explained in the comments and deploy the service from AppEngine.” – Where are settings section explained in comment? How to modify the same?

    2. I have created customized TinyWebDb. Can I created several fusiontables supporting my app using above logic. If yes, what modification I need to do? else is there any other way. (Aim is to use SQL query to extract from various fusiontable)

    Any help would be greatly Appreciated as this is my first app and in learning phase.

    Keep up the good work..!!

    • eixerits says:

      Hello Avinash, here’s the answer to your questions:
      1. The SETTINGS section are lines 11 to 19. You’ll see these lines contain a “#” which is the start for the comment, i.e. the text from that point on is a hint for the content expected in the line. For example your line 12 should look like this:
      google_user = “avinashsaindane1985@gmail.com” #indicate here the gmail address for your app engine account
      2. Yes, you can modify the code in order to access various fusiontables. Currently it accesses to the table indicated in the xtableid variable (which is informed in the settings section). So to access a different table, you have to modify all the lines that use this variable and change xtableid by the identifier of the right fusiontable
      Sorry if it’s too short. Of you need more details you can send me an email

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