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I must admit that I started writing this section when I was new to JQuery Mobile. It may appear presumptuous to write tutorials about a subject where you have little experience, but I considered other starting people might learn from the explanation of the problems I faced in my first steps and how I was able to solve them. Sometimes advanced tutorials fail to explain issues that may appear obvious once you are an expert, but that become hard to solve when you are new. For example, here’s a simple video showing the steps to follow for publishing our app in five minutes. It looks easy but these minutes become hours or even days when you try it for the first time!

Anyway, I would classify the posts in this site as intermediate level, because they are not step by step tutorials but rather focused on presenting non-trivial issues faced in real practice.

JQM has a vast community of user that are permanently sharing ideas and contributing to build up an extremely valuable knowledge base. But paradoxically this is sometimes an inconvenience because such a massive amount of documentation may overwhelm you and some apparently simple issues become a nightmare that you end up solving via trial and error. Indeed my first experience confirmed more than ever the 80-20 Pareto rule. My son had to present an app for a school project and he chose JQM as the development tool. Actually he developed the app himself and I just had to add some programming – the one shown in this site. After a couple of weeks, he succeeded in presenting a demo where the app looked like finished, but it took me quite a few extra weeks to solve those “little” details that fail to show up in demos.

The mentioned app is explained in the first post, and actually most other posts can be seen as part of this one, but they’re explained separately to ease the readability in case you’re just interested in one topic. All sources are provided, so you can inspect them and find out any detail not covered in the explanations.

Enough talking, time for coding. Enjoy it!

Title Description Level
A JQM real app Tutorial that shows how to create an app for tourists. The goal is to face real life requirements appearing in our way and see how they have been solved  Intermediate
An architecture for JQM with Appengine A discussion about which role should play the client and server in an environment based on jQueryMobile and AppEngine Easy 
Integrating Google forms with JQM [PENDING]
A chat service for JQM Implementation of a chat service using pull technology: messages are stored in a database which is read periodically by client devices in order to refresh the chat list
A login template for JQM [PENDING] Tutorial that shows how to create a login system for your apps. It intends to be general enough so that it can be used as a template for further applications
Tips and tricks [PENDING]

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